Please note:

We are not currently accepting new cars onto Whitecar Share.

Join Whitecar Share

Add your Tesla to the Whitecar rental fleet

Whitecar Share allows Tesla Owners to generate income from their car while it is not in use.

Join Whitecar Share to add your Tesla to the Whitecar rental fleet.

You earn a fixed daily amount for every day your car is on hire.

So the next time you go on a business trip or a holiday, your Tesla could be helping to pay for it!

What can a Tesla Owner expect to earn?

In order to keep Whitecar Share simple we use fixed daily return figures.

In addition, while your car is in our care there are no parking fees.


earnings example for a Tesla Model S 75D owner

£50per day

3 DAYS = £150

7 DAYS = £350

14 DAYS = £700


earnings example for a Tesla Model X 90D owner

£75per day

3 DAYS = £225

7 DAYS = £525

14 DAYS = £1050


earnings example for a Tesla Model S or Model X P100D owner

£100per day

3 DAYS = £300

7 DAYS = £700

14 DAYS = £1400

How does Whitecar Share work?

Whitecar handles the entire booking process.

This includes enquiries regarding the vehicle, delivery and collection, cleaning and insurance.

Whitecar also provides a support system for Renters, available 24/7 to provide assistance.

If the Owner’s car is selected for rental, they receive a share of the revenue from the rental.

It is important to note that joining Whitecar Share does not guarantee income as it is based on rental demand.

Prior to a rental, our team carefully prepare and inspect each Tesla, removing and safely storing any personal items and cleaning the interior and exterior of the vehicle.

The Renter receives a comprehensive handover of the vehicle, which ensures that they understand the various features and functions fully. They are provided with a direct line to the Whitecar team to use if required for support and assistance.

Upon return, the car is carefully inspected. The car is then cleaned ready for the Owner, or the next Renter.

By joining Whitecar Share, the Owner has the opportunity to turn a daily cost into a daily benefit.

What about Insurance?

Fully comprehensive insurance is provided by Whitecar for the entire duration of the rental.

In the Performance category, Renters must be 30 years or older.

The cover provided is totally independent of the personal insurance held by the Owner.

In the event of a claim, there will be no effect on the personal insurance held by the Owner – if an accident takes the Owner’s car off the road, Whitecar will provide a Tesla to ensure the Owner has access to the same standard of transport they are accustomed to.

This Tesla is provided free of charge until the Owner’s car is repaired and returned. The Tesla is provided through the Whitecar fleet or through Whitecar Share.

What if my Tesla is not painted white?

Whitecar is aware that Tesla provide cars in a variety of colours. If you happen to own a non-white Tesla do not be sad, all colours are welcome in the Whitecar Share network and you can still join.

How much notice do I need to give you?

We need 14 days notice before we can add your Tesla to Whitecar Share. This increases the chances of securing a rental for your car.

What is the minimum period?

Our minimum period for hosting Share vehicles is 7 days. This ensures we can deliver a high level of service to both Owners and Customers.

For Share periods lasting less than 30 days, collection and delivery charges will be deducted from the Owners revenue (if collection or delivery is requested).

Whitecar Share Categories

Model S

  • Tesla Model S – facelift version only
  • 75 kWh battery capacity or greater
  • Dual Motors
  • Autopilot enabled

Model X

  • Tesla Model X
  • 90 kWh battery capacity or greater
  • Dual Motors
  • Autopilot enabled

Model S or Model X

  • Tesla Model S  – facelift version only
  • Tesla Model X
  • Performance Upgrades & Dual Motors
  • 90 kWh battery capacity or greater
  • Autopilot enabled

Whitecar Share Criteria

Whitecar aims to deliver as consistent a service as possible, with the most up to date fleet possible.

Whitecar Share vehicles must meet the following criteria:

Facelifted Model S:
Battery capacity of 75kWh or more
Dual Motors

Model X:
Battery capacity of 90kWh or more
6 seats or more

Vehicles must include:
Autopilot features
Interior carpet mats
UMC, CHAdeMO Adaptor & Tesla first aid kit

Vehicle must be free of bodywork damage and have no aftermarket accessories including wraps and tinted windows.
Tyres must have a 4mm minimum tyre tread depth with no sidewall damage

Tesla Model S and Tesla Model X, available through Whitecar Share and Whitecar Rental