Tesla on Rental Hire from Whitecar

Whitecar Gift Vouchers

Give the gift of the future

You can now purchase a Whitecar rental as a gift – perfect for special events!

Options include:

Week Day Model S Experience – 1950 NOK

24 hrs with a Tesla Model S on a weekday, for a rental starting on a Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday.

Two Day Weekend Model S Experience – 3900 NOK

48 hrs with a Tesla Model S starting on any day of the week including weekends.


Bespoke Experience

If you have something special in mind, we are happy to work with you to create the ultimate experience.


To book a Whitecar Tesla Rental Experience just tap the orange help button at the bottom of the page and tell us:

1. Which experience you would like to purchase.

2. The name of the person receiving the giftcard.

3. Any additional details (delivery requirements, amount of cars required, etc.)


Our team will be in touch with you to arrange everything, including payment.

After payment is received we will create a customised digital gift certificate.

A Whitecar Weekend is a perfect Christmas present, for car fans and Tesla fans.