Frequently Asked Questions

We know this might be your first experience with an electric car and we are ready to help with any questions you may have. We have developed the below Frequently Asked Questions list to cover the main topics.

In addition we have created a series of video guides to show you the features and functions of your Whitecar in advance of your rental.


Charging the Tesla is fast, simple and in almost all cases, free.

Tesla Superchargers are located throughout the UK and Europe and each charger location is shown on the built in satellite navigation screen.

As well as Superchargers, there is also an extensive network of Tesla Destination Chargers. These are commonly found at hotels or restaurants. A full charge would usually take a few hours, so these chargers are ideal for overnight stays or when stopping for a meal. These chargers are also shown on the in-car satellite navigation system.

All our cars are supplied with a Type 2 cable and a UMC (universal mobile connector). Chademo adapters are available on request.

The UMC can plug into any household socket in the UK – it is slow but always worthwhile.

In Scotland, our cars also come with an RFID card to access the extensive Chargeplace Scotland public charge network.

You will receive the information, adapters and any access cards needed to use these networks from your Whitecar Personal Concierge.

Additional Charging Resources

We are always happy to help plan charging stops – a great third party resource for this is Plugshare, available as a very useful app, or via a browser. Plugshare lets you see the location of rapid chargers throughout Europe, and gives you information about the individual charge point.

We like Plugshare because it is always up to date with crowd sourced information. Look for the orange markers on the map in particular, as these are Rapid Chargers (the second fastest charger you can use, after the Tesla Supercharger network)


When you rent a Tesla from Whitecar you can arrange to have the car delivered or collected. Each of our locations service particular geographic areas.

At Whitecar London branches, delivery or collection is £1.50 per mile. For example, delivery and collection 10 miles from one of our branches would incur a fee of £30 – delivery or collection only would incur a £15 fee.

If you receive and return the car at an airport we serve, there are no delivery or collection fees.

One way rentals are possible, please get in touch to make arrangements.

Additionally, there is no fee if you come to collect your Whitecar from one of our hubs.

About the Whitecar Fleet

All our cars are made by Tesla, a car company who create the most exciting and innovative electric cars in the world. Unlike other manufacturers, Tesla only make electric cars. As a result, the design of their cars can take a different approach, embracing new technology.

Tesla vehicles, by design, are incredibly safe, spacious and quiet.

All the main features of the car are controlled via a large touchscreen, located in the middle of the dashboard, or via the controls located on the steering wheel.


When you rent a Tesla from Whitecar, comprehensive insurance is included in the price.

Additional Drivers

Additional drivers can be added to the rental for no extra cost, allowing up to three drivers to share the amazing Tesla experience.


Drivers must be between 25 years old and 75 years old, with three years of valid drivers licence history.

Claims History

By renting a car from us you acknowledge that you have not been involved in more than one accident or made more than one motor insurance claim over the past 3 years. You must also have less than 6 points on your licence. If you have more than 6, let us know and we can discuss it with our insurer.


Whitecar Tesla Rental insurance carries an excess of £3500, which means you are responsible for the first £3500 of any damage.
We appreciate that this is a large figure but please do not let it put you off as there are very cost effective methods to cover it via excess waiver policies.
If there was an incident leading to damage, we would charge you for this and then you would claim the cost back from the excess waiver company.
It works well, and is one of the ways we can keep our prices so low.

An excess waiver policy usually costs a few pounds per day.

Taking out such insurance is entirely up to you. We are unfortunately not able to provide this cover within our price.

Our customers tend to use and for excess waiver policies.

Travelling Across Borders

Travelling abroad is possible in a Whitecar vehicle, just be sure to let us know the details in advance of your rental and we will arrange the insurance cover. There is an extra charge for this cover, of £100 for the first week and £50 for every additional week.

We provide a First Aid Kit which contains a warning triangle and a high-vis jacket. Please be aware that we do not provide breathalysers.

Tesla LED headlights produce a flat beam, and do not require headlamp converters for driving on the right hand side of the road.

Documents Required

After you place a booking with Whitecar, our app will request some additional information.

The information is required in advance of your rental and includes:

1. A photograph or scan of a valid drivers license.

2. If using a non-UK driving license, we will need a photograph or scan of an additional form of identification, such as a passport.

3. A photograph or scan showing a proof of address (utility bill, mobile phone bill etc.)

4. For UK driving license holders, we will also require a DVLA check code, which can be obtained here: – please be aware that this will expire after 21 days, so please submit this closer to your booking.

On the day of your rental please bring:

1. Your Smile

2. The driving license for the main driver and any additional drivers

Tesla Autopilot

All the cars in the Whitecar fleet come with full Autopilot software, enabling features like Traffic Aware Cruise Control, Auto Lane Change and Autosteer, plus Automatic Emergency Braking, Summon and Autopark.

When Autopilot is active, a Tesla from Whitecar will match it’s speed to traffic conditions and maintain a central position within a lane, following the curves in the road.

At handover, you will receive a full run through of how to use this system. If you are unsure you can contact your Whitecar Personal Concierge for advice. You can also watch our video on the Autopilot system below.

Soon the Tesla will be able to transition from one motorway to another, exit the motorway when your destination is near, self-park when near a suitable parking spot and be summoned to and from that parking spot.

When used as designed, the Autopilot suite is an excellent driver assistance tool. It helps you concentrate on the more advanced elements of driving such as reading the road ahead, while the car takes care of the repetitive work of lane positioning and speed management.

Journeys with Autopilot result in less stress for the driver, and you’ll be amazed at the positive, relaxing effect it will have on you after a long drive. That is why many of our customers choose to use a Whitecar for long trips.

Whitecar Rental Fees

We work hard to keep the Whitecar rental cost as low as possible and our rental fee is all inclusive. Insurance, extra drivers, unlimited mileage and energy are all covered in one price.

We aim to simplify the car rental process and make sure you know exactly what you will be charged, in advance. No hidden extra charges and no complicated insurance decisions when you collect the car – just a simple signature.

Please be aware that rentals placed over the weekend must be a minimum of two days.

Discounts are available for long term rentals. Contact us directly with your requirements in this case.

Airports Served by Whitecar

The Whitecar Tesla rental service is available at our bases across the UK and from a number of defined airports.

Whitecar can deliver a Tesla to the following airports:

London Heathrow | London Gatwick | London City

If you require delivery to a specific location please enter the details into our booking system.

Delivery fees will be calculated automatically and you will also be given the option to collect the car for free.

If we haven’t covered your question, please get in touch using the help button.