Breakfast Seminars

The Electric Car: What else will it change?

Tuesday 17th, Wednesday 18th & Thursday 19th October, 2017

0815 – 1000

London Transport Museum

New laws and government targets are adding momentum to the shift from fossil fuel car to electric car.

As a result, the economy will go through several threats.

The value of fossil fuel vehicles will decrease rapidly, fuel supply mechanisms will be rethought and the price of electricity will undergo a significant review. Battery technology is constantly improving and production prices are falling.

Soon electric cars will be cheaper to manufacture than fossil cars.

Electric cars require less servicing and in the future perhaps will not be owned by individuals. The increase in autonomous driving and the shared economy will change our views on car ownership and the way we travel.

The air pollution issue we face today is not going away. The climate change issue we face today is not going away.

An effort across all modes of powered transport to reduce and eliminate pollution is needed.

Is a ban on petrol and diesel cars in 2040 ambitious enough?

To discuss these issues, join us for a 3-day series of breakfast seminars with presentations from industry speakers followed by a panel session including Q&A.


Robert Llewellyn, Fully Charged


Keynote – Marcus Stewart, Head of Energy Insights, National Grid

Hamish Phillips, Tesla

Erik Fairbairn, CEO & Founder, POD Point

Mark Strachan, Founder & CEO, Whitecar

Dr. Simon Evans, Policy Editor, The Carbon Brief

Martin Bax, Acting Head of EV, BP

Martyn Briggs, Automotive VP, Bank of America Merrill Lynch

Robert Hokin, Chief Executive and Managing Partner, Greenbackers Investment Capital

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