How Much Does it Cost to Rent a Tesla?

Whitecar aims to provide an excellent car hire service based on simple pricing.

We believe one of the best things about our price is the transparency.

What you see is what you pay.


Tesla Rental Costs

Our daily price includes everything upfront.

£159 per day for a Tesla Model S.

£249 per day for a Tesla Model X.

The price includes insurance, unlimited mileage, VAT, free supercharging and up to three drivers. There is no deposit to worry about.

The only optional addition is excess cover, which you can choose to buy, or not, for yourself – more on that here.

Wondering how much a Tesla rental will cost? Apply the daily fee to each 24hr period and you will have the price.

No secrets, no complex multi-day pricing.

Many car rental companies try to hide their real price behind a contact form, or a complex booking system. Others will hide extra fees until you arrive to collect your car, forcing you into a pressure sales situation when all you want to do is get on with your journey. Add this to the queuing and the stress becomes a motivator – you are more likely to pay, even if you don’t like it, just to get the process over with.

Whitecar is different.

Our desire to deliver an exceptional service begins with our online booking process.

You choose the exact location to have a Tesla delivered to and collected from, then tell us the dates and times you want the car. You see an exact price and then you pay.

Simple. Even the fuel is included!


On the topic of fuel…

When you rent a normal car (or an old-fashioned car, depending on your perspective) you will have to find and use fossil fuel stations on your route.

The cost to fill the car with prehistoric energy will be different everywhere and you will not know whether you are getting a good deal or not.

You will also have to remember the companies fuel policy when you return the car.

Your fuelling mission, if you choose to accept it, might be:

1/ Return the car with a full tank of dinosaur water. This means chasing down a fuel station close enough to your end location to make sure you fulfil your mission. It also means putting up with an inflated price for the fuel because guess what? Everyone is doing the same thing and the fuel station knows it!

2/ Return the car empty. A rare mission and an even harder one to succeed at. Do you plan to run out? What if you put too much of the refined fossils in? Do you get your money back?

3/ Bring the car back with the same amount of fuel – so you better remember, or take a photo. You also better hope the gauge is accurate and the nearest fuel station is close enough. Don’t bring too much back or you’ll lose out. But remember that you’ll lose even more if you don’t bring back enough!

4/ Return the car with a drop of filtered unicorn tears in each litre of petrol. If diesel it’s two and a half drops per litre. (OK, that policy is quite rare)


If you fail your mission, you will have to pay. The rate you pay will not make sense.

Wouldn’t it be better if you didn’t have to worry about any of this? There is a better way…


Rent a car from Whitecar.

We’ll bring you a Tesla, as close to fully charged as possible.

You can then drive anywhere using the Tesla Supercharger network – for free.

The car knows where the superchargers are. The built in sat-nav will direct you to them.

Then you return the car to us.

That’s it.


Check delivery options and quickly get a quote on our booking system.


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