The Quest for Simplicity

Whitecar exists to make hiring a car simpler than owning one.

Our simple price is just one element of this mission.

We constantly look for opportunities to add simplicity, while delivering a high quality service that is beyond expectation.

Over on Whitecar Facebook, we have been discussing price comparisons between hiring a Tesla or taking the train.

We were astounded to learn that in some cases – and it turns out that they are not that rare – it is cheaper to hire a Tesla from Whitecar than to take a train.

A New Price

More commonly, we compare our price with other Tesla hire companies and with ‘old-fashioned’ car hire companies. We invite you to compare us to old-fashioned car rental, but be sure to include the cost of fuel and the other hidden extras.

When it comes to Tesla rental our price is hard to beat.

With Whitecar, the price you see is the price. No hidden additions for insurance and no deposit required.

Unlimited mileage, insurance, free charging, additional drivers and VAT are all included in the price.

A Tesla Model S from any of our Whitecar UK locations is £159 per day at the weekend and £129 per day during the week.

We hope this makes it simpler than ever to hire a car from Whitecar.

£159 per day

A New System

We wanted to take the quest for simplicity a little further.

So we have streamlined the options available for rental, bringing you a simple choice:

Model S Standard
Model X Standard

You can use the booking system to explore the options available to you.


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