Whitecar Valet is Evolving

At Whitecar, our mission is to make hiring a car simpler than owning one. At the core of this mission is simplicity.

As our rental operation develops and expands, we are ceasing our Whitecar Valet service in its current form.

A brief history of Whitecar Valet

When we launched Whitecar Valet, it was intended to serve a small community of Tesla Owners, primarily at Heathrow. These Owners required an airport parking service delivered by a team with Tesla expertise, who understood the cars and the importance of excellent service.

We saw an opportunity to assist the Tesla community.

Valet was always secondary to our principal activity, Whitecar Rental. As we opened new locations and our rental operation grew, we also saw an increase in demand for our Valet service in line with the increasing number of Tesla Owners. However, despite this increase in demand, the Valet operation has never been a sustainable business activity and has survived by consuming resources designed for Whitecar Rental.

Whitecar is now at a crucial point in its development, and all of our focus must be on the expansion of Whitecar Rental and Whitecar Share.


Valet Parking to Cease

On the 28th of February 2018, we will stop accepting bookings for Valet.

All bookings made before this date will be honoured and processed in the normal way, with the same excellent service you have come to expect from Whitecar.

Valet is evolving.

Welcome to Whitecar Share

Beyond the 28th of February, Tesla Owners will be able to leave their vehicles with Whitecar for free.

Owners will receive the same service they received from Whitecar Valet but instead of paying for parking, their vehicle joins Whitecar Share.

Whitecar Share is our platform to allow Tesla Owners to generate an income from their vehicles when not in use.

We have been piloting and refining this platform over the past six months with several early adopters and it has been an excellent success.

As we grow our rental operations in the UK and abroad we will see increased vehicle demand, which leads to increased returns for Owners on the Share network.

Valet Becomes Share

Under the new system the cost of parking is free, your vehicle joins the Whitecar rental fleet and you earn an income if your car is rented out.

Whitecar Share turns a cost into a benefit.

This presents two possible outcomes for the Owner – if your car is not rented out, you pay nothing for parking and your car is looked after by Whitecar, charged and returned to you.

If your car is used for hire, then you earn money from that hire. The parking is still free and your car is cleaned, charged and returned to you.

For those of you who wish to take this next step with us, please explore the Whitecar Share section of the site for more information and earning estimates.

Further detail will be announced closer to the 28th February 2018.

Our Thanks for Your Trust

We are aware that the Whitecar Share concept does not suit all Owners.

If this evolution means we are losing you as a Valet customer then we are truly sorry.

We would like to extend our thanks for trusting us with your Tesla, and for supporting our company.


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