Scotland is made for electric cars

Whitecar warmly welcomes the Scottish Government target to phase out new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2032.

With a wealth of renewable energy sources, Scotland can power the switch to electric vehicles with home grown, organic, free range electrons.

Renewable energy and electric cars are perfect companions. Batteries built into cars can store intermittent renewable power flexibly and quickly, taking signals from the grid to respond to supply and demand.

Electric cars in Scotland

Travelling in Scotland by road, a journey of 200 miles covers a huge proportion of the country.

Inverness to Edinburgh for example is 155 miles. Glasgow to Aberdeen? 145 miles.

Many of our customers rent a Tesla (electric only range, at least 200 miles) to travel to the Highlands. They make use of the public charge network already in place across Scotland.

A quick top up over lunch is all that is needed to weave your way from Edinburgh to the stunning Torridon Hotel, for example. The team at The Torridon have installed Tesla Destination chargers, filling the battery overnight while you sleep.

From there, you can set off in the morning ready to explore the beauty of Scotland via the North Coast 500. Rapid chargers are installed all along the route, and plenty of hotels have installed destination chargers for their guests.

Leave no trace

A Tesla – quiet, powerful and free of pollution – is the perfect vehicle to explore the beautiful Scottish environment, leaving no trace. Driving for 200 miles is no challenge. Stopping to charge every 3 hours or so becomes a nice way to break up a journey.

Taking a break during long drives is not only safer, but also beneficial. While you charge, you can use the time to take a short walk, or catch up on messages.

Driving range on affordable electric cars is starting to raise above the 200 mile mark, and this is a major milestone. 200 miles makes any daily journey easy and you can wake up with a full charge every day. Cheaper, quicker and cleaner than old fashioned fuel.

We anticipate that over the next two years the shift to electric cars will rapidly accelerate. Political, social and technological momentum is gathering and the recent announcement from Holyrood is a great signal of intent for Scotland.