Tesla Model 3

The Tesla Model 3 in white, charging in the USA

Tesla Model 3 deliveries start today, in California. First deliveries will focus on early reservation holders located near the Tesla factory in Fremont. Left hand drive models will be first off the line, with right hand drive models following later, as with the Model S and Model X.

So will the Model 3 join the Whitecar rental fleet?

Who will be the first to rent it?

It all starts with a key question.

Does the Tesla Model 3 look good in white?

Image via Model 3 Club on Twitter

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Image via Model 3 Owners Club on Twitter

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We think it does. Early photos of the release candidates show a beautiful car, but the details are yet to be announced. In person (as seen by members of the Whitecar team at the Fremont factory in June) the Model 3 is stunning, with Porsche-esque details and a really nice presence that does not come across in images.

Will the Model 3 join the Whitecar rental fleet?

When Whitecar launched it set out to offer a simple, single car, single price, single colour car rental service. (see Whitecar Story for more)

With Model X, we had to adjust that plan.

With Whitecar Share, we adjusted it a little more.

Whitecar has grown to become Tesla Rental, Tesla Valet Parking and with Whitecar Share, a Tesla-only car sharing, revenue generating platform.

So it makes complete sense for us to add the Tesla Model 3. It gives us the opportunity to add a new offer with a reduced rental price. It is an extremely exciting vehicle.

The recent wave of electric car news has brought forth a pile of loud questions regarding the shift to electric cars. We regard the Model 3 as a massively important vehicle and we think it holds the answer to most of these questions.

Priced at a more affordable level than the other cars in the Tesla range, with a battery capacity suitable for long trips and access to the Supercharger network, there will be few cars that can compete with it. Add in the fact that it looks great, is spacious and will be able to drive itself.. and you have a pretty compelling car.

Model 3 Launch

What we know currently is the Model 3 will start at two specification levels. The Standard Battery model will have a smaller battery, giving up to 210 miles range. The Long Range Battery model will feature a larger battery, giving up to 310 miles range. Both variants of the Model 3 will accelerate with the same electric thrill Tesla is known for, but will be a little slower to 60mph. The base numbers are 0-60 in 5.6 seconds, and 5.1 for the larger battery. Larger batteries mean more power can be extracted and they also allow faster charging at Superchargers.

We will be updating the blog with news about the car as it emerges.

But for now, trust that we will bring you a Model 3 for rental as soon as possible.