World Record Attempt

On Sunday 18th June, four drivers, with a Tesla Model S each, attempted to break the World Record for travelling from Lands End to John O’Groats and from John O’Groats to Lands End, in daylight hours, in electric cars.
An idea conceived by Gary Blackburn quickly grew to a massive effort involving Tesla Owners from the up and down the length of the UK.
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Lands End To John O’Groats by Tesla

Gary Blackburn and Stefan Smith, each driving a Tesla Model S, covered the 840 mile journey from Lands End to John O’Groats in a single day.
The Whitecar team were watching closely, as one of the cars was our very own Delta, driven by Stefan.
It was a truly stunning feat – the Northbound team faced a massive traffic issue on the M6 which threatened to undo the entire challenge, but they managed to make up the time and arrive before nightfall.

John O’Groats to Lands End by Tesla

The second team comprising of Alan Tunn and Dave Talbot set off from John O’Groats to do the same run but in the southbound direction. This team had a slightly easier time of it on the roads, but were under no less pressure; they also had to leave earlier, setting off from John O’Groats at 3.30 am
Both drivers were able to reach Lands End in time for Sunset.

The Route

In order to make the journey in the time available and charge at the highest speed possible in the time allowed, the routes were carefully calculated.
The route details are below:

North to South (Dave Talbot/Alan Tunn with Glenn Taylor as copilot)

  • 03:30 – Depart from John O’Groats
  • 06:40 to 07:10 – Car 1 charges at Aviemore (Chademo)
  • 06:55 to 07:25 – Car 2 charges at Kingussie (Chademo)
  • 10:30 to 10:50 – Both cars charge at Abington Supercharger
  • 13:20 to 14:10 – Both cars charge at Charnock Richard Supercharger
  • 17:25 to 18:20 – Both cars charge at Gordano Supercharger
  • 21:35 – Arrive at Lands End

South to North (Gary Blackburn/Stefan Smith)

  • 04:43 – Depart from Lands End
  • 08:01 to 08:45 – Both cars charge at Gordano Supercharger
  • 11:40 to 12:10 – Both cars charge at Charnock Richard Supercharger
  • 13:46 to 13:58 – Both cars charge at Gretna Green Supercharger
  • 14:29 to 15:19 – Both cars charge at Abington Supercharger
  • 17:57 to 18:40 – Car 1 charges at Kingussie (Chademo)
  • 18:11 to 18:55 – Car 2 charges at Aviemore (Chademo)
  • 22:58 – Arrive John O’Groats
Map Image for Tesla World Record showing chargers across UK

Setting the Record

In order to achieve the world record, the teams had to minimise the amount of time they spent charging the cars.
The challenge was to charge the cars for less than 3 hours and 1 minute.
The teams made use of the Tesla Supercharger network for most of the journey, however in the North of Scotland, where Superchargers are not yet installed, they made use of the public charge network (operated by Chargeplace Scotland). This involved dividing the teams, with one car heading for Aviemore and one heading for Kingussie, and they reunited at either the Tesla Supercharger at Abington, or at John O’Groats.
Both teams had fantastic support on the day from members of the Tesla Owners Club who were out guarding spaces at the various chargers to ensure a clear run.
A great event, with an amazing amount of teamwork involving Tesla Owners from across the UK, and all for a good cause.
If you have a spare £ or two, please consider adding to the fund at the link below: