A Tesla for A Week

The Ultimate Corporate Reward

Whitecar was delighted to be contacted recently to become involved in a corporate reward scheme.

A few weeks ago, a request came in to establish if delivery of a Tesla was possible to Spennymoor, near Durham.

Always keen to help, the Whitecar team agreed terms for delivery based on a weeks rental of a Tesla Model S.

At that point, it became clear that the request had come from Stanley Black and Decker. The car was to be delivered to their offices near Durham.

Of course, this was no problem for our team. It was explained that the car was required as a surprise award for an employee. The employee was to be recognised for developing innovative solutions in the workplace.

This was a somewhat unusual arrangement for us. We are used to meeting the driver of the car at handover, and taking them through the various features and functions of the Tesla. In this case, delivery was made to two excited colleagues of the prize winner, who then hid the car (not kidding) behind some wrapped bales. It was great fun for us to be part of the surprise!

Delivering the Prize

While delivering the car, we came to understand that the company actually own a Tesla in the USA. They run this award scheme there as well, but in America, the employee is given the car for a whole month!

This is unfortunately not as straightforward to do in the UK, so hiring a Tesla from Whitecar was the next best solution. The employee to receive the car had actually won the prize two years running, but sadly there was no Whitecar to call on a year ago…

The following day was to be the prize giving. Right on time the award winner called our Concierge for some remote guidance. Not our regular way of doing things, but luckily we know the cars with our eyes closed.

Our Concierge was able to explain everything necessary to enjoy the rental and it was a huge success. We collected the car a week later from a grinning employee, who was happy and sad at the same time. We understand. No one likes to return a Tesla.

Whitecar absolutely  loved being part of this award. We would be delighted to work with other companies looking for a corporate reward scheme with an electric thrill.

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