Baby Romeo goes to Mayfair

“What if you took Victor and Baby Romeo into the centre of Berkeley Square to meet Robert Llewellyn – wouldn’t that be fun?”

This was the first question Matt [Manchester] and Ben [Edinburgh] were asked on their first day at Whitecar.

Mark [Omnipresent] had pre-arranged a little stunt with Robert Llewellyn [Red Dwarf; Scrapheap Challenge; Fully Charged] who was just as keen to mess around in the centre of London on a busy day in December.

It’s important to explain at this point, who Baby Romeo is – as if you didn’t already know!

the Tesla Model X and Model S in front of Hedsor House

The Three Musketeers

In the image above, you will see X-ray, Baby Romeo and Papa. Baby Romeo is the official Whitecar mascot, made by Radio Flyer and built with input from Tesla. He is painted white, naturally, and he has his own number plate which is, of course, WHITECAR.

All our cars are named for the last letter in their registration plate, with names drawn from the phonetic alphabet. So in the case of the Model X in the above photo, whose registration ends in UJX, the name is X-ray. Papa, whose plate ends YSP is the Model S. And so on.

Into the City

So Matt and Ben found themselves loading a baby Tesla into the back of Victor, the brand new Model S they had collected from Tesla the morning before.

They pulled out into the pre-Christmas traffic, in a Tesla Model S with less than 15 miles on the clock, heading to meet a celebrity. It was a good day.

That said, it took over two hours to go 10 miles, which was sub-optimal. London traffic is a bit different to the streets of Edinburgh or Manchester, and with Ben more used to green valleys and open roads, it took some adjusting.

Pulling into Berkeley Square, a beautiful park in Mayfair, London, they began the search for a parking space suitable for Victor and Romeo. A couple of passes later, and a space opened up, tucked behind another Tesla and with just enough extra room to fit both cars.

They looked around for Mr Llewellyn, struggling to see him in the crowds. Suddenly, he was there. Kryten! Looking in the passenger window with a cheeky grin.

We hopped out, delighted to meet him, and unloaded Baby Romeo.

It is worth drawing attention at this point to the red Ferrari across the road. No one noticed it.

Baby Romeo on the other hand…..

People passing by stopped in their tracks to take photos, call their friends, and ask how they could go about bringing Baby Romeo into their lives on a permanent basis.

“No, we’re sorry, Baby Romeo is not for sale. Rental? Maybe…”

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You can see the clip of Baby Romeo’s big day out in the video from Fully Charged below:

Fully Charged Christmas Special