The Story of Whitecar

The Whitecar story did not begin with a desire to rent out Tesla vehicles.

The inspiration came from frustration with the prescribed way of operating a car hire business. So a plan was created for a better way.

End the nervous anticipation of hidden extra charges, and just have one price.

Remove the feeling of being just another customer; make car rental an experience to look forward to.

Stop the roulette of car choice, and just have one car.

Make hiring a car simpler than owning one.

As simple as black and white.

An image of the Whitecar Rental Fleet at Heathrow Airport

Choosing the official Whitecar involved testing several vehicles, but none made more sense than the Tesla Model S – electric, powerful, silent, clean, spacious, safe and loaded with futuristic technology that improves with every update.

After experiencing the Tesla, using the same old ancient technology to revolutionise an ancient industry just didn’t seem right.

Whitecar aims to be at the cutting edge of the car hire industry, using superior technology and a customer-first focus to create a service unlike any other.

With a fully electric fleet, customers are introduced to the future of transport and able to experience the thrilling revolution that is electric drive.

The Tesla Model S is a car of the future; not just the best electric car, but the best car possible for the task.

So Whitecar became Tesla car rental.

Delivering a car hire service beyond expectation.